We Follow the Traditional Approach

Yoga is a traditional discipline, a philosophy as well as a practice. Asanas are a component of the yoga system, not the whole of yoga. On the contrary, in the modern times, Yoga is widely and incorrectly associated with “only” physical postures or asanas. Also, some of these physical practices are mostly poor commercial derivatives of traditional asana practice. Known by fancy names, they mislead and confuse people about the practice itself.

By following the traditional approach, we endeavor to encourage our members to follow the basic principles of the asana system and gain maximum benefits minus the pitfalls of incorrect practices. It is our mission to help members build a strong foundation for long­lasting and all-round physical and mental fitness and well­being.

Why traditional style

  • The traditional approach is holistic. The results are long­lasting and affects the entire mind and physical system.
  • Correct breathing and relaxation techniques are a core part of the asana practice overlooked by most modern approaches. Without these techniques, the benefits of asana practice are minimal. In fact, incorrect breathing while practicing asanas may even be dangerous.
  • Most modern forms of practices such as power yoga are fast­paced unlike the traditional practices. Therefore, the chances of injury are much higher. (Many students who had taken power yoga classes prior to joining us had come to us complaining of backache.)
  • Aerobics­style asana practices like power yoga claim to deliver instant results such as quick weight loss. However, the results may be temporary and are not much different from what any other forms of physical exercise offer.
  • Traditional asana practices offer innumerable benefits and takes into account the mind-body connection. The goal is health, happiness, and a higher spiritual quotient for a better life.
  • Teachers of the traditional approach are highly experienced as they undergo years of practice under an experienced teacher or a guru before teaching others.

Know about Our Sessions

Our sessions are based on the traditional hatha yoga system and are designed to provide every member the right training and individual supervision in his or her quest for physical, mental, and spiritual health and well­being.

We cater to individuals from all ages and walks of life.

Whether you want to breeze along a slow-­paced relaxing session or sweat through a heart-pumping core hatha session - you can choose your class.

Students who are new to practice receive step­-by-­step guidances, in a clear manner, to the essentials of practice. You will be taught slowly, safely and at a pace that's appropriate for you. Advanced practitioners can continue their daily practice with expert guidance to further their learning.

Why practice with us?

  • Learn correct practices by following traditional methods.
  • Choose from a variety of classes of various levels, pace, and time.
  • Practice daily with individual supervision.
  • Learn pranayama and meditation classes as part of your regular sessions.
  • Practice and attend special sessions on various yogic styles and practices every week.