Yoga at Home or Private Class

Yoga at home or Private classes at our center provide a great learning and a healing experience in a personal environment. Our one-on-one sessions are helpful for beginners, advanced practitioners, as well as those facing a health condition or are dealing with an injury.

Practice for every student is customized based on the student’s body type, health condition, and lifestyle. You can work with the teacher of your choice or we can provide you a teacher to meet your needs.

Yoga at home or private classes are best suited if you:

  • Have specific problems such as back pain, neck pain, diabetes, stress, etc. and you want to address them specifically
  • Want to learn at your pace with 100% personal attention
  • Are a beginner who is shy or hesitant to join group classes
  • Want to get deeper into the practice
  • Do not have flexible or enough travel time

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